July 29, 2009

My favorite spot

The final post in the Through Her Eyes series I've participated in is now online. Check it out right here!

The assignment for this fourth week was to send in pictures of my favorite spot. Because the pictures are so small in the THE post over at Layers of Meaning and because the text has been edited a bit, I thought I'd share my original text and pictures with you here....

I wanted to show you two places that I visit pretty much every Saturday: my local market and library. Both are in the historic city centre of my Dutch town. I just love walking around all the different stalls at the market. I usually buy a lot of cheap fruit and vegetables, but I’m also a huge fan of all the Mediterranean products that are sold here. I don’t mind that it’s busy at the market, I actually enjoy seeing so many people together and I absolutely love how the vendors shout out their best offers as loud as they can (“Pineapples! Two for 1,50! Delicious juicy Piiiiineapples!!”).

The local market, right next to the canals. In the background you can see our city hall.

It’s much more quiet at my local library. I can just spend hours there browsing through the novels, cookbooks and glossy travel books. My perfect Saturday afternoon I enjoy on our sunny balcony with new books, a glass of wine and garlic olives, almonds and fresh feta cheese from the market….

Our local library with one of the city's churches in the background.
And bikes. Of course....

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