June 9, 2009

Start of a list

Just the other day I asked your advice on writing life lists. You recommended me to be realistic and to be careful with big lofty goals and also to be accepting that my taste, my feelings and thus my goals can change.

After careful consiferation I still think writing a life list could be good for me. If only as an opportunity to contemplate what I really want and to discuss those things, for example with MrBee.

Have a look at the list here!

Your comments did lead me to take some precautions:

* I started with a list of 50 goals

* These goals are a mix of short-term and long-term goals but also contain some points that I cannot really tick off, but more things I would like to keep in mind, hopes for the future, mantra's to live by....

* One of the goals in my list is to keep reviewing the list

I'm just gonna see how it goes. See how I get on. I'll also make a button on the blog somewhere some time soon so it is easily accessible and I'll post about how it's working for me regularly I hope.

Any advice and comments are of course very welcome!

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