June 9, 2009

My version of a life list - Dreams and hopes

  1. Learn how to make sushi

  2. Start a book club

  3. Ride a limousine

  4. Go to a ‘blind restaurant’

  5. Buy ‘real’ art

  6. Become a mom

  7. Learn ballroom dancing

  8. Visit the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee

  9. Give a really, really great honest toast

  10. Never show up empty-handed

  11. Do something romantically cheesy

  12. Throw a cocktail party

  13. Always have a bottle of bubbles ready in the fridge and create reasons to celebrate

  14. Learn how to work with Photoshop properly

  15. Scuba Dive

  16. Get married

  17. Organize digital photos archive

  18. Print selections of photos and put them in albums

  19. Document my life

  20. Say more I love you’s

  21. Dance more

  22. Be kind to others

  23. Make pasta from scratch

  24. Try sculpting

  25. Accentuate the positive

  26. Buy a 1930s house

  27. Buy stocks

  28. Have more often fresh flowers in the house

  29. Bring old clothes to 2nd hand stores

  30. Volunteer

  31. Show my children the world

  32. Learn how to sail properly

  33. Teach my children to be open-minded, tolerant and kind to others

  34. Open up about what’s really on my mind

  35. Stop dieting

  36. Grow roses in my future garden

  37. Send out postcards and handwritten notes besides birthday cards

  38. Never be embarrassed when it comes to my health

  39. Trust my instincts

  40. Go to a drive in movie

  41. Keep having date nights with MrBee

  42. Name my child after my mom

  43. Buy more organic food

  44. Truly accept and love my own body

  45. Get a proper manicure and pedicure

  46. Learn how to sew

  47. Talk to MrBee about our dreams and hopes

  48. Visit Japan

  49. Learn basic HTML

  50. Review this list actively


  1. wonderful list. i wish i could think of 50 things i'd like to do!

  2. what a great list. I can help you with the Grand Ole Opry one, I live 10 minutes from there!! I think you have inspired me to make a list!

  3. Olivia - Really? I suppose you have been there lots of times? Liked it? I'm going to the US in September but I'm afraid the Grnad Ole Opry is too far south to include it in my trip....

  4. 1. A few months ago I downloaded this file with instructions how to prepare sushi. (www.sushi-guide.co.uk/Sushi%20At%20%Home.pdf) I tried following the instructions and it was so easy to prepare. I got all the ingredients at a Chinese supermarket on Nieuwemarkt in Amsterdam and the fresh fish from the fishmonger around the corner. At the chinese super market we also found these plastic containers which makes it baby-easy to roll your sushi in shape.

    4. There is a restaurant in Amsterdam that you can try. I never tried it but I knew people who went and did enjoy the different experience Link to the restaurant www.ctaste.nl

  5. Thanks msflossy! I am definitely gonna try that restaurant soon!

  6. And if it's good you should inform me about it! P.s. I'm msflossy

  7. I definitely will. Thanks again for the tip!