August 11, 2009


Two keys - the symbol for my town - on a bridge. The picture was taken from a boat on the canal.

I'm sorry for posting so irregularly lately... I've got a week planned full with job interviews and presentations and at the same time I'm organizing a party for my graduation.

Here at my university it is tradition to have a dinner with family after the graduation ceremony followed by a "party" for everyone - friends family professors students etc- who played a part during your time at university. I say "party" because it's really a particular kind of party. Everyone is dressed up and in many occasions there is no music played, except for the songs that the graduate's sorority friends or roommates or other friends have composed and will sing very loudly. These songs generally cover every embarrassing episode during your time at university: drunken episodes, every guy you've ever been mildly interested in, bloopers...

My graduation and party will be in 2,5 weeks time and yesterday I've sent out the invites. MrBee and I have been testing a couple of bars here in town (which resulted in our own little pub crawl) and I've finally decided where it will take place. It's a really nice bar in an old factory building at a canal here in town. That location is certainly not the cheapest option - which is not unimportant when about 75 people come to drink to your graduation and you have a student budget - but in the end I decided I should celebrate this special moment at a place I feel very comfortable and where I'm sure everything will be great.

I'm really excited about seeing everyone who has contributed to my amazing time as a student together in one bar to celebrate my graduation, but I'm not sure whether I should be too excited about the songs..... I've been a pretty good girl but I trust my friends will come up with lyrics that'll turn my head into a tomato...

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