August 3, 2009


Writing about my bookclub reminded me of being more active about my list again so I wanted to show you today how I've been doing with my resolution to have more fresh flowers around the house lately...

Fresh flowers can be quite expensive but I've found that I can get really good deals at my local market on Saturday afternoon when the vendors need to get rid of their stock. The other week I got 60 (!!) long stemmed Dutch red roses for only EU5 (which is about $7,50)!! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of them but believe me, they were absolutely stunning. I had them all around the house and gave some away. I'm sure neighbors thought MrBee had either proposed or something to make up to me!

I've found having flowers around makes me so happy!


  1. Which market do you go to cause that seems like a bargain!

  2. Wow - what an amazing deal on those flowers! Incredible. That's a great strategy and one that I think I will try next Saturday. I have decided that I would like to have more fresh flowers around the apartment as well.
    PS I love seeing pictures of your home!

  3. Wow I love the pink. Very pretty flowers! I want to go get some now. Taylor

  4. Cola - I shop at my home town market. You just have to go around 4pm when the vendors really wanna clear their stalls...

  5. Great tip about going to the vendors on Sat afternoons! I just bought 10 long stem roses for 4 euro and thought that was a bargain...not compared to what you scored! They look beautiful.

    I've never been to Leiden, but have heard from numerous friends that I should definitely visit this summer. It sounds like such a beautiful, youthful town because of the university!

  6. This is so beautiful! I've been noticing how glum our apartment seems after the profusion of spring blooms. In tulip season, I wouldn't be caught dead without flowers all over the house, so why not now? Thanks for the inspiration!