April 8, 2009


Here we go...

I have been reading quite a few blogs for a while now (see blog roll). Not only offer these blogs great entertainment when I'm bored and really good tips on books to read, movies to see and recipes to try, they also really inspire me. Because these people are doing the things that they love! Why don't I spend more time on the things that I love?!

I guess one of the reasons is that I resort so easily to cheap entertainment. Watching endless episodes of the Hills online. Switching on the TV instead of diving into a book. Not to watch that one show that I love, but just watching anything that is on in complete apathy, while hours and hours go by. And although I think this is sometimes completely justified (after a long and frustrating day it can actually be extremely soothing not having to think), most nights spent like this end with me being very frustrated with myself and maybe even more tired than when I got home.

Currently I live in Lyon in France for a couple of months to to complete an internship for an international organization here. I live in an appartment without internet or TV and when I started my internship here, I didn't know anyone. I'm still not very well integrated in French society I have to admit. Sometimes it freaks me out and I feel lonely, disconnected from the world. But with all this time on my hands, I started spending more time preparing my meals, reading books, writing to friends (yes! actual handwritten letters!) all while drinking gigantic amounts of tea. I love it. I now discover there are so many hours left in the day after work and I feel so much more satisfied when I go to bed. Doing the things that I love gives me energy.

And I fully intend to keep this up when I return to my busy life in Holland. I guess it is about using my time more consciously. Filling my life with actual content. And then being content with it. Lose the frustration and be happy. Because I do live a great life. So that explains the title of this blog I guess. I thought writing this blog will keep me focused on that resolution, but also, and maybe more importantly, I think sharing the things that make you happy can make you enjoy them so much more…

(This might all sound very focused and determined, but I have a suspicion that the topics coming up on this blog will be rather random…)


  1. I love the approach of focusing on what makes you content. I've worked at becoming more conscious with my choices and actions as well, purposefully seeking out aspects of life that bring me joy, peace, and healing. I think it's a wonderful intention to have and I can't wait to be a part of the journey. Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Hey, the Hills is great :D! Even if it is all faux-reality :) Sounds like you have a fab opportunity in France, though, so best of luck! I know it's tough branching out when you move to an area foreign to you (for me, it was 1500+ mi for a summer internship!), but I'm sure once you find that zone in yourself, you'll start! And it sounds like your goals (I adore hand-written not!) sound great :) -- Best of luck!