April 29, 2009

Midweek cheers: girlfriends, cereal and France

Image from etsy/isofoto

I’ve decided to give out some weekly cheers. To help me realize all the goodness in my life blah blah blah……

but also because I simply enjoy making lists.

Any kind of list. Shopping lists, to-do-lists, you name it, I list it. I even make lists of food I like. And food I don’t like. Not for those kind people who host a dinner party and invite me. Or for MrBee when he goes grocery shopping. No, just for myself. For the fun of listing. And because I like to have that information in a list. Clear and ordely. Is that weird? Or neurotic? I guess I am a bit neurotic.

Anyway. This week’s cheers go to:

  • The Secret Society of List Addicts blog. For reasons mentioned above.
  • Girlfriends who come to visit me whenever I’m abroad. They bring me Dutch supplies, they shop and drink cocktails with me, they assure me nothing major has happened back home while I was gone and inform me of all the minor things that did happen, they talk and talk deep into the night and don’t mind when I fall asleep mid-sentence, they make inside-jokes, they forget their toothbrushes when they go home so I am reminded of them every morning and evening…. I love them! One of my best friends is actually arriving in 3 hours!! And she is bringing along Dutch apple syrup (or however that’s translated into English), her home inspiration scrapbook which we urgently need to discuss (she was a great help when I was decorating our place back home – she was pretty much the only person who would understand there is a very important difference between various shades of greyish-blue, now it’s her turn) and her own fabulous self. Yay!
  • White label versions of overpriced brands. On sale. Which is the reason I’m now the proud owner of three boxes of cheap fake Kellog’s special K cereal. Great. I hate how overpriced the real ones are. (BTW Does anyone have a recipe for making your own cereal??)
  • France! I miss home terribly but just the other day two men started singing “Ooooh Champs-Elysees… Oooooh Champs-Elysees….” when I walked by. That truly made my week.
  • Mr Bee, who is being the sweetest boyfriend ever. He just sent me the most adorable email telling me how he misses me. I am a lucky girl.

Who or what get cheers from you this week?


  1. Lol, I so understand your love for lists. If life fit into a list, it'd all be so much easier! x

  2. About the cereal - i just made a granola mixture for the second time. The first batch was too crunch, the second batch was too soft. I think the third time will be the charm.

    Apart from granola, I'd love to learn how to make my own cereal. When I was a kid my dad used to buy large quantities of puffed rice and wheat and mix them together.