April 14, 2009

Random thoughts

Just came back last night from a glorious weekend back home.

Mr Bee turned the big 30 and we celebrated both our birthdays together with friends and family. (I'm turning 25 next Friday, but since I am by myself here in Lyon that day I decided to pretend my birthday was last weekend.) It was really good to see everyone again. We had a great time and were spoilt with really cool gifts.

We have also seriously upgraded our balcony. Mr Bee and I only moved into our house last winter and the balcony (which is huge) was dirty and messy. But we spent some time cleaning it on Saturday and with a newly acquired picknick table, the barbeque we got as a gift and some lovely hortensias and potted herbs, we are ready for summer! I can't wait for food, friends and wine in the evening sun... Also, it feels really good to have finished a project like that together.

Mr Bee and I watched Juno on DVD yesterday. We both thought it was such a good movie, so cute. It reminded us of Little Miss Sunshine, which is one of my favourite movies. Favourite quote from Juno: "He is the cheese on my macaroni." Or : "Yeah and I mean Zeus had tons of lays but I'm pretty sure Juno was his only wife. And apparently she was supposed to be super beautiful but really mean, like Diana Ross." It was funny...

On the plane back home yesterday I read a Cosmo mag my friend gave me a little while ago. It made me laugh. Besides the standard "secret diet tips" and yet another answer to the question how we can make men like us, it featured an article on how to enjoy your life. I'm not kidding when I tell you one of the brilliant Cosmo tips to improve your life was to go to work with a serious hangover, because "it will allow you to look at your work from a differente perspective". Are you serious?!?

Cosmo also told me that I would be able to check my testosterone levels just by looking at my hands. According to this "fun trick" I am "very feminine and fertile" but I also have an "elevated risk of breast cancer", because my index finger is longer than my ring finger. Well, that's fun...(Cosmo says: If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, you have a lot of testosteron and if they are equally long, your testosterone level is normal.)

Unfortunately there was no reference or source quoted, but I checked a database for scientific medical journals and appearantly there is also a relationship between the ratio of these two fingers and oestrogen levels, male BMI, body shape and sperm count. How weird is that...

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