May 14, 2009


I don't feel very positive today.
I feel the need to hand out some boo's.

Free use of Pandora is restricted to the US. It has been already for a long time and I had moved on but right now I just really need to listen to a good mix of music and just told me I finished my trial period and Pandora was always so much better and AAH..

I'm just so frustrated with being here in Lyon in my crappy appartment without my friends, without MrBee. MrBee and I just moved in together a month before I started my internship and our house is so lovely and I feel like I am in a cocoon here, like life passes me by. I am lonely. Is that overly dramatic?

I read all these great blog posts about making your own notepads, sewing and great cooking and baking. I do some very basic baking here to feed my (very Dutch) egg cakes addiction (which I will post on later), but anything more challenging is virtually impossible. The kitchen in my crappy French appartment only contains about three knives and a whisk. Also, cooking is so much more fun when you can share. I'm inspired to try all these things but I get so frustrated because I can't here. I am making lists of things I wanna try and do as soon as I get home and I am so impatient and I just want this internship to be OVER. I've been abroad for pretty long periods of time before, but this time I'm not so excited about it as previous times...

I guess you could say I'm homesick.


  1. Maybe you can listen to som Dutch radio channels from

    P.s. I just stumbled on your blog from accidentallykle blog. I'm originally from Malta but I have been living in Amsterdam for the past years. Thus I thought it might be interesting to read your blog! Hope you don't mind...

  2. No I love it! It's lovely to have people reading the blog! Thanks so much for stopping by! How are you liking Amsterdam? Are you there for work?

    Thanks for the tip! I actually just realised myself I could listen to radio online and I've tuned in to the Belgian channel Studio Brussel ( I always love their playlists. Very eclectic. When I'm driving south I'm always glad to pass the border with Belgium so I can switch to StuBru....

  3. aww I can totally relate! I have felt that way so often in my life... even now, I live in a crappy college apartment with a dysfunctional kitchen which is so frustrating seeing all the great cooking and baking everyone shares on here! Sounds like you have so much to look forward to at home though!