May 22, 2009

End-of-the-week cheers

I just realized I completely forgot posting my weekly dose of positivity. (Which I really need right now because Windows Explorer just crashed on me leading me to lose a nearly-finished blogpost... Argument to buy a Mac?!)

Here we go. this week cheers go to:

* Family. My uncle and aunt are in Lyon for a couple of days on their way to the South of France. Spending time with them yesterday reminded me how amazing it is to have loving family and how strong family ties are. They won't "break up" with me and while that may cause panic attacks in some people, I find it very comforting.

* Contests and giveaways. I cannot believe my luck lately. After winning the art giveaway over at The English Muse last week, I won 1000 euros this week! I can't wait to see what next week brings....

* Cute couples videos. I saw this on A Cup of Jo. I've found it on a number of other blogs since then as well, but I couldn't resits posting. Guaranteed smiles. And can you believe the awesomeness of their wedding guests?!

This other cute video Amelie-style was posted over at rockstar diaries.

* Having a boyfriend who has been so incredibly supportive both times I went abroad for a long period but who also tells me now he would like me to stay in the Netherlands from now on.. (I'm sorry I have been gushing about MrBee so much lately. You must be quite curious about him by now.... I promise to limit my MrBee-gushing as soon as we are reunited. I'm just a little obsessed at the moment. Just bear with me for a week en plus!)

* Which seems to be a worthy replacement of pandora - which doesn't work anymore in Europe and which I have been missing terribly - and - which I never really liked. If you are on as well, come and find me and check out my DJing superstylin'. Username is MsBee!

* Writing my cheer posts. I've found writing these posts make me feel so lucky and happy! I can recommend it!

I hope you're all having a wonderful day as well! xo Bee

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