May 19, 2009

Good day sunshine!

This morning I had to give a presentation for about 60 people and my supervisor wanted all kinds of last-minute alterations so I had to stay at work till 10 yesterday evening and got up at 6 this morning.....

(After a very horrible night of sleep. A mosquito from hell paid me a visit.)

But the presentation went really well and everyone was happy. I am now more confident about being able to complete this internship successfully. Yay!

My supervisor just came to bring me some orangette, chocolate covered strings of orange. He is a good man.

It is a good day.

I just received a phone call. Months ago I entered a career game for students who are about to graduate. Even though I was through to the third round, I could not compete for the title "best graduate" because I was abroad. But now they called me to tell me my name came out of the lottery for a 1000 euro extra prize, which is really really cool (1000EU is roughly $1360 or 880GBP). That really came as a surprise! It's just weird to be here by myself at work without really being able to share the news with anyone. But I'm happy I can share it with you.

Hello MrMac. Nice to meet you.

I think that MrMac would be a great destination for my prize money.... After some of you recommended getting a Mac I have been thinking about buying one.....

Or do you have a really good suggestion? A trip? More dresses?

What would you do with a suprise prize like this?


  1. wow congrats!! That is so exciting... I have a mac and I LOVE it. That would be a really good purchase..but there are definitely so many fun things you could do with that money!

  2. WOO HOO!!! you could always... well... share your winnings with your blog friends! ;)

    Well done! I think Mr. MAC is a great choice.

  3. Congrats! That's so very exciting! A computer would be a wonderful purchase.

  4. Whoa, that must be a really nice surprise :0
    I wouldn't know at this moment, probably a tablet and I'd save the rest for vacation