May 7, 2009


Ok so I finished reading The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. An entertaining book. Lots of mystery, bits of romance... It's a good read, but not incredibly special I felt. If you're looking for a nice book to entertain you, sure read it. If you're looking for something to turn your world upside down, this is not your book.

Still I finished the last bit of the book incredibly fast. Not because I was so curious to find out how the mystery would unravel, but because my friend had brought a copy of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer with her for me.

Somehow I completely missed the whole Twilight mania. I know I know... it's a whole series and they're making movies of it and millions of kids are dedicated fans and everything. I know now. But I didn't know anything about Twilight until my friend told me she had read all the books in the series so far and that she was embarassed to admit that she loved them all.

And I trust her opinion.

I knew it was sort of a teenager romance book and far from the most intelligent read around, but also that I was going to love it.

And I do.

After finishing The Forgotten Garden in a hurry I dived straight into Twilight. And I'm hooked.

I read while having breakfast. I decided to walk to work today so I could run into streetlights. No. So I could read. And accidentally run into streetlights and other obstacles along the way. I find it hard to focus on work. I just want to finish the book!

Anyone else read the book?

By the way, this morning walking down the street, I passed by two elderly French men, discussing politics (I think... les allemagnes blablabalabla) while both having a baguette clutched under their arms.

I wish I had a camera with me.

But then again I'm not sure what they would think of me if I asked them whether I could take their picture...

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  1. That would have been an awesome picture to see. You should of had your camera and you should have taken their pic. ;)

    I have not read Twilight, but my aunt says it is good. I hope to get to it even though its a teeny bob kid. Glad to hear it is a worthy read because I love vampire fiction!