May 13, 2009

Midweek cheers: tag & art

image from etsy/sascalia

I was tagged by the lovely Michelle from ohmishka to name six things that mae me happy today so I thought that coincided nicely with my midweek cheers.

*My growing blog: I’ve received a blog award, I’ve been tagged and visitor numbers are going up every day. Sooo cool
*My killer heels. I wasn’t feeling all too happy this morning but strutting down the streets in these babies on my way to work gave me the boost I needed
*Regina Spektor. I’ve been listening to her Begin to Hope album a lot again lately and she is glorious!
* Thinking of my two friends visiting Lyon next weekend
* The feedback my supervisor gave me for the first draft of the presentation I am giving next week
* I won an art giveaway at The English Muse! This news totally made my day. Check this out! I can't wait to see what the piece looks like in my living room. It's gonna be awesome!

I am tagging the following six lovely ladies to name six things that made them happy today: Kle Helen, Giselle, Olivia, Money Funk and that unreliable girl.
Have a great day!


  1. Thanks =) Will write my post! I love the picture btw

  2. Thank you!! I love Regina too

  3. Yay! Tagged :) Thanks hun xx

    And WELL DONE on your win!!!! You lucky thing! :)

  4. thanks for the tag, too. Will post soon. :) Love the picture, too.

  5. Slowest response ever, but thank you muchly for tagging me! I'll pass it on as soon and share the happy :D

    xx Kit