May 6, 2009

Shopping carte blanche?

For two weekends in a row I had girlfriends staying with me in Lyon.
That means drinking wine out in the sun.

Eating crepes. (They tasted better than they looked).

But it also meant serious shopping.

My friends felt like they were on vacation and therefore had no reservations on spending and I.. well I didn’t want to spoil the fun.

So I bought a couple of things. Just to join in.

Some things I truly truly love.
Like these shoes. Aren’t these the cutest??

I thought they were so cute, I bought them in three colors.

(You can see I already started wearing the blue ones...)

I think that purchase is totally legit: they were really really cheap, just looking at them makes me smile and I wear ballerina flats all the time. All. the. time. So no regrets here.

But I also got two tops at NAF NAF which were sort of cool and on sale. Which is of course a big plus. But after I tried them on a couple of times at home, I wasn’t too sure anymore. They weren’t very flattering and I didn’t feel comfortable in them, which is usually a sign for me I won’t be wearing them much. And already my closet is too full with items I rarely wear. (I'm in desperate need of a major closet clean out). So I decided to take those back.

When I got to the store yesterday, it turned out I was too late to return them. Because they were sale items, I apparently had only 8 days to return them.

The girls at the store were so nice and felt really bad for me. They told me the computer wouldn’t let them take it back. I couldn’t understand everything they said in French and I think they were sorry for me, as a foreigner, not understanding it, confused…

In the end they graciously offered to take back the clothes and let me shop for the worth of those clothes. I didn’t know whether I should feel disappointed about not getting my money back or thrilled about having a shopping carte blanche, financed by myself.

Anyway, in the end I was really content because I got two rather basic pieces that I know I will wear a lot which is so much better than having to keep the other two pieces that would definitely have ended up somewhere in the back of my closet. And the girls at the shop were so sweet, I left the store a happy customer...

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  1. that was nice of them to let you swap items anyway :)

    loving the shoes!! :) x