May 18, 2009

Dress up!

Look at this cute dress.
I got it at Promod this weekend.
I am always drawn to dresses when I go shopping. It's so much more fun than shopping for basics. I hate having to spend money on boring shirts, tops and socks. As a result I own A Lot Of dresses (I'm guessing more than 30 - is that really really bad?) while I can never find two matching socks in my drawer...
Anyone else have that problem? And the solution?
I had a wonderful weekend with my friends.

I'll tell you more about it in later posts.


  1. LOVE the dress :)

    There's nothing wrong in owning lots of dresses cos they're a whole outfit on their own. Just add shoes + bag and you're ready to go ;)

  2. Solution to not finding a matching sock. I put matching socks in a ball and thus socks are always paired up.

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  4. haha I have the exact same problem! I have a thousand dresses and only a few mismatched socks... oh well. Dresses are perfect for pretty much everything.

  5. I used to have that problem - not with buying dresses, but with buying fancy accessories like scarves, and bags, and fancy tops that can only be worn to certain events. Then I ended up not having any basic wear. I try to buy a few more basics now. True, they aren't as much fun, but I love having comfortable, ready to wear clothes in my closet.

  6. I absolutely live in dresses in the summer. So breezy and comfortable!